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Someone who isn’t always late because they live on the other side of town, someone who is just as impressive in person as they are on paper. With JobEasy find the person who ticks all the right boxes and gets the job done.

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GPS Geotagging

Advanced tech helps you discover people near your location.


Swipe Right to Match

See someone you would definitely love to work with? Just swipe right to match.


Video Resume

Potential employees can upload a short introductory video about themselves that employers can view anytime, anywhere.


Live Chat Feature

Schedule a meeting and connect with professionals.

Why Choose JobEasy?

You are already busy building a business. Finding a candidate to help you do that should not take up all of your time. Just like the name, choosing a job, and finding the right person for a job should be easy. The modern marketplace treats time as the precious commodity it is and will ensure that you find the perfect match for an opportunity in record time. Let us take care of finding the perfect workplace for you so you can take care of giving your hundred percent, and building an empire.

The Job Market Is Evolving! Are You?

JobEasy is as easy as 1,2,3. All you have to do is put up a short video about your business and the vacancy, or in case of a candidate about you and your skills. These serve as effective resumes where potential employers get to meet the person behind the CV. Both parties can swipe right to match and connect.

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    View Video Resumes on The Go

    Filter out the right candidates for you so you dont have to sift through a giant pool of unqualified or unskilled candidates.

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    Time Saving for the Employer and Employee

    If they are qualified and meet all your requirements they will show up on your feed. Find an employer that fits your experience, and meets your salary expectations.

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    Remote Interviews

    No matter where you are JobEasy will help you stay connected.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. You can use the app to find candidates in multiple locations for your different office locations.
Yes. You can search through a salary range, location, skills, and experience.
Just DM the candidate and click on the video icon to get on a video call.

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